We source all of our oysters from the Pacific Northwest and work directly with the oyster farmers.  
Oysters are harvested and delivered the same day.

Tide to Table Oysters 

Hama Hama Oyster Co.

Hama Hama is located in Liliwaup, Washington. They are a 5th generation oyster farming family that is truly one of
the best oyster companies in the world. Jacqueline is honored to feature several Hama Hama varieties on our list.
We have featured Blue pools, Sea Cows, Hama Hama, Burns Point, Kennedy Creek, and Eld Inlet. 


Capital Oyster Co.

Capital combines 5th generation farming experience with cutting edge cultivation and processing technologies.
fantastic tide tumbled oysters from Harstine Island in the Puget Sound.


Nevor Shellfish

Nevor is located in Netarts Bay, Oregon. They are producing the best oysters to come off the Oregon Coast.


Baywater Sweets

Located in Thorndyke Bay, Washington, these beach grown oysters benefit from the cold waters of the
Puget Sound as it enters the Hood Canal. Beautiful oysters with a clean crisp finish.


Cascade Organic

Our good friends at Cascade Organics source oysters for us from the Nisqually Indian Reservation in
Olympia, Washington and in Willapa Bay. They go the extra mile to personally drive and pick up oysters.  


Taylor Shellfish

Founded in 1890 in Totten Inlet. One of the leaders in the industry and on the cutting edge of sustainability.  


Carbajal Oyster Farm

Luis from Carbajal in Shelton, Washington drives his oysters down every Thursday and hand delivers his oysters to us.  
It doesn't get any better than that.  


Netarts Bay Oyster Company

Developed specifically for West Coast growers at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, Oregon, Netarts Bay oysters are from the MBP genetic line. Grown at Whiskey Creek Shellfish Hatchery on Netarts Bay, the larvae is sent to
Kona, Hawaii, or Lopez Island, Washington, to be set on micro cultch before being brought back to their upweller on neighboring Tillamook Bay. After the oysters reach about 6mm, they are planted in bags as single oysters in their
original Netarts Bay where they grow to size before being hand-picked and selected for shape and size.
Distribution is arranged to secure that we receive their oysters as quickly as possible – usually within a day of harvest.


Set & Drift Shellfish

At Set & Drift, they grow the FjordLux oyster. These oysters, flip-bag grown, thrive on ocean-crisp
sea water from Admiralty Inletand mineral-rich water originating in the Olympic Mountains.
This creates an oyster with a remarkable fresh taste and clean finish.

Their passion for local, sustainable seafood drove them to found Set & Drift following their years of operating ocean-going scientific research ships. They sought out the right place to farm and settled on the northern end of
Washington’s Hood Canal fjord along the shores of the wild Toandos Peninsula.

Set & Drift, the name of their farm, is a nautical term describing the environmental forces that impact a ship’s track while underway. This honors the tides and currents that help form their FjordLux oysters, and is a reminder of their sea-going days.